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March 27, 2013

State Organization «Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support for Scientific and Technical Sphere» (SO «BELISA») at the State Committee on Science and Technologies Republic of Belarus was founded pursuing the decree of President of the Republic of Belarus N 363 dt. 13.09.1996, to perform functions of system analysis of the status and development tendencies in the scientific and technical area, research and development aimed at providing scientific and information support for activities of the Belarus State Committee on Science and Technologies, and other state authorities, and scientific institutions in the Republic of Belarus, as well as those of development of methodical principles of information support for scientific and technical sphere.


  • Scientific and technical policy;
  • Scientific and technical information;
  • Scientific and information computer networks and databases on scientific and technical tendencies;
  • International cooperation in science and technologies;
  • Arrangement of exhibitions and publishing activities.

Compliant to the resolution of the Belarus Council of Ministers dt. 12.12.1997  N 1643 SO «BELISA» is a national information center, coordinating intergovernmental exchange of scientific and technical information in the country. Pursuant to the resolution of the Belarus Council of Ministers dt. 13.05.1997 N 472 SO «BELISA» is responsible for the public registration of research efforts, development and technological projects (RE, DP and TP) in Belarus, keeps the Public Register of the RE, DP and TP, data bases and the fund of accountable scientific and technical documentation covering registered projects (technical requirements, final and summary reports, project explanatory notes, etc.). In accordance with the Order of the Belarus State Committee on Science and Technologies dt. 28.05.1997 N 748 SO «BELISA» is in charge for arrangement of expert's evaluation of the materials applied for entry into the Register of high-tech production facilities and enterprises as well as for keeping the Register.

The SO «BELISA» executes depositing the scientific manuscripts, publishes the Republican Collected Abstracts of Non-published Projects, Registration Bulletin of RE, DP and TP and other scientific editions.


  • System analysis of the status and reform tendencies in the area of science and technologies and estimation of development prospects for certain trends in science and technologies;
  • Monitoring science and technology potential development in the country and RE, DP and TP in Belarus;
  • Creation and implementation of data banks on scientific potential, innovation activities, scientific and technical developments, new technologies;
  • Collection, generalization, and analysis of scientific and technical information and information support for the state authorities, scientific institutions, and other agents of management, as well as for scientists and specialists to ensure the advance of research and developments, mastering of their results, establishing international relations in science and technologies, setting up common information space;
  • Scientific and information support of international cooperation in science and technologies, intensification of cooperation with foreign scientific and information centers and organizations;
  • Marketing, promotion to the market of scientific and technical products;
  • Support of development and implementation of the national scientific and technical policy in the area of scientific and information activities;
  • Development of scientific and methodical support to back up the activities of scientific and technical information agencies in Belarus;
  • Adaptation and development of new information and telecommunication technologies to provide access to computer networks and information systems;
  • Application of scientific and information computer networks and data banks to address issues associated with science and technologies in the country;
  • Development of methodical principles of scientific and information support for scientific, scientific and technical and innovation activities;
  • Coordination of scientific and technical programs on key trends of its activity.


SO «BELISA» possesses exclusive information resources in the field of science and technical activities in the Republic of Belarus and renders services related to preparation and arrangement of:

  • Information concerning scientific and technical potential of organizations in the Republic of Belarus from the data bank and the fund of scientific and technical documentation on registered RE, DP and TP (since 1993);
  • Information and analytic reports addressing outcomes of RE, DP and TP, executed in Belarus and other countries on the subject of interest for the Customer;
  • Analytic reviews of scientific and technical potential of Belarus in the branches of interest for the Customer;
  • Information digests by mass-media materials related to achievements and modern tendencies in the science and technology development in certain branches;
  • Data concerning the tendencies of science, technology and education institutions in the field of technology transfer;
  • Problem-oriented data bases on published and non-published scientific and technical information sources;
  • Information and analytical support of RE, DP and TP, both future-planned and current;
  • Application materials for entry into the Register of high-tech production facilities and enterprises of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Depositing manuscripts of scientific papers;
  • Publishing of the scientific and technical literature, book-collections, conference proceedings, etc.;
  • National and international exhibitions, congresses, forums, conferences, symposia, reception of delegations, etc.;
  • Translation of scientific and technical texts from basic world languages.
  • The information services are either rendered in the frame of agreements, or covered by letters of guarantee.


Updated  27.03.2013


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