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Republican Seminar on commercialization of the results of scientific and Technical activities (October 17, 2023, Minsk)

On October 17, 2023, a Republican seminar on the commercialization of the results of scientific and technical activities will be held.

Venue: Minsk, st.Surganova, 37/1, conference hallof the Scientific and Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic".

Participation in the seminar is free of charge.

The format of the event is offline and online.

The main purpose of the seminar is to teach students the methods of registration, determination of patentability and provision of legal protection, transfer of rights to the results of scientific and technical activities (NTD), assessment of their value, methods of implementation and further promotion, the procedure for including and excluding information in the state register of rights to the results of NTD.

Representatives of institutions, enterprises and organizations of the National Academy of Sciences, ministries and departments of the Republic of Belarus, technology transfer centers and industry laboratories, and other interested parties are invited to participate.

Online registration for participation in the seminar is available at the link:, where you can also ask a question.

Up-to-date information about the seminar can be obtained by phone: +375 (17) 203 13 19, e-mail:


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