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Exhibitions: events and analysis

7th International Exhibition "White City Ashkhabad" (23-25 April 2008, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan)

June 03, 2008

According to the Plan of national exhibitions (expositions) of the Republic of Belarus abroad for 2008 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus and National Exhibition Center “BelEXPO” have organized a national exposition of Belarus at the 7th International Exhibition “White city Ashkhabad”. A scientific and technical section was included in the structure of the national exposition. It was organized by the State Committee for Science and Technologies together with Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere. In the collective S&T section of the SCS&T having a total area of 57 sq. m. over 160 developments have been exposed.

On 23 April, 2008, on the opening day the collective S&T section of the SCS&T have been visited by Nazarguly Shakuluyev, Vice Prime-Minister of the government of Turkmenistan coordinating the issues of construction and power; Khadur Saparluyev, Vice Prime-Minister for education, science and culture; Tachberdi Taguyev, Vice Prime-Minister on gas and oil sectors; Akdzha Nuberdieva, the Chairman of Medzhlis, Turkmenistan’s Parliament.  The exposition also was visited by the Ambassador of the Kirghiz Republic in Turkmenistan Mr. Ashirov. The national exposition of the Republic of Belarus has been presented by Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Belarus Mr. I.Stepanenko and the Ambassador of Belarus in Turkmenistan Mr. Y.Malumov.

The Ministry of Education of Belarus was represented by 11 universities and R&D organizations and their 129 developments which covered several areas, such as

  • Technologies for the needs of a petrochemical industry.
  • Technologies in the sphere of geological prospecting.
  • Agricultural technologies (protection of plants, processing of seeds).
  • Technologies for protection of environment (collecting the liquid petroleum, sorbents for clearing water, means for monitoring the level of environment pollution).
  • Technologies for processing of metals (sheetings, corrosion-resistant processing, hardening of coatings, laser processing, plasma sharp).
  • Technologies in the field of construction.
  • Nanotechnologies.
  • Chemistry.
  • New materials (ceramics, diamond pastes and diamond-like coatings).
  • Technologies in the sphere of resource and energy saving.
  • Microelectronics.
  • Computer-guided means of measurement,
  • Optics,
  • Medical technologies,
  • Strings and yarn.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was represented by 2 organizations which demonstrated about 10 developments in the following areas:

  • Helioenergy.
  • Energy saving technologies.
  • Crushing and splintering, and also classifying equipment for processing and enrichment ore and non-ore materials.
  • Technological centrifuges.
  • The equipment for plasma sharp.
  • Laser spectral analyzers.
  • The equipment for hothouse facilities.

During the Exhibition “White city Ashkhabad” Turkmenistan party has expressed an interest to the largest part of Belarusian S&T developments that can make a basis for future cooperation.


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