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Exhibitions: events and analysis

The National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus on the CIS Agricultural Forum (25-27 November 2009, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan)

December 22, 2009

The science and technology section of the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus on the CIS Agricultural Forum (25-27 November 2009, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan) was represented by 9 universities and innovation organizations of the Ministry of Education of Belarus. The number of demonstrated developments totaled in 72.

Within the framework of the exhibition 40 meetings and negotiations have been held. Here are the main of them:

  1. Negotiations on creation of the joint production of foamed glass (development by Skorina’s Gomel State University);
  2. Negotiations on organization of selling labels for the cattle (development by Technopark “Metolit” of BNTU);
  3. Mastering of the technology of laser surface hardening of the wearing parts (development by Belarusian National Technical University);
  4. Negotiations on the organization of production and delivery of the new types of fertilizers (water-soluble without chlorine NPK-fertilizer, potassium nitrate for the hothouse enterprises – development by Belarusian State Technological University);
  5. Talks about delivery of the lines of the pre-plant processing of seeds (development by BSU)
  6. Agreements on preparing and signing of the contracts on delivery of the equipment for the pre-plant processing of cotton seeds (BSU’s development), and also on licensed contract for the production of some disinfection means in Ukraine.

Negotiations with the leading specialists of the CIS in the field of disinfection of placements, equipment and animals, and also veterinary science on the matter of contract signing about joint development of disinfection and veterinary medicines have been carried out.

Belarusian S&T delegation has e meeting with the President of the National Academy of Science of Turkmenistan Mr. Mezilov on 26 November 2009. The following questions have been discussed during the meeting:

  • possibility of implementation of joint projects in new microwave technologies;
  • Delivery and introduction of equipment for the pre-plant processing of seeds of cotton, rice, grain crops, herbs for the institutes of cotton growing, grain crops and herbs;
  • Delivery of equipment for sterilization and drying of agricultural products and medicines.

Turkmenistan side agreed with the presented initiatives and by-turn invited Belarusian R&D organizations to take part in two events in 2010:

  1. International Scientific Conference “Problems of use of alternative sources of energy in Turkmenistan”(February 24-25, 2010)
  2. International S&T exhibition which is planned to be held in the framework of the Days of Science of Turkmenistan (June 12-14, 2010).

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