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Exhibitions: events and analysis

XI Belarusian Power and Ecological Forum

October 10, 2006

According to the Order of the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Belarus N 70p of 8 June, 2006 on 3-6 October, 2006 in Minsk the XI Belarusian Power and Ecological Forum has taken place. The Forum included XI International specialized exhibition “Energy. Power. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro” (EnergyExpo), II Specialized exhibition "ExpoLIGHT", specialized exhibition “Water and air technologies” and XI Belarusian power and ecological congress. The aim of the Forum is to review modern achievements of science, engineering and technologies in the sphere of power, energy saving, automation, electronics and protection of environment.

Since 1995 EnergyExpo traditionally attracts attention of the leading Belarusian and world manufacturers of equipment, technologies and materials for power, electrical engineers and ecologists. It is one of the largest on these subjects in CIS and Baltic region. This year more than 250 enterprises and organizations from 15 countries of the world were represented at the exhibition. Among them the largest Belarusian enterprises producing their own production and representing the leading world manufacturers, as well as plenty of foreign companies interested in progress of their production on the Belarusian market. Several new technologies in the field of thermal and electric power distribution, energy saving and protection of environment were demonstrated at the exhibition. EnergyExpo represents the large opportunities for study of world experience in decision of different problems dealing with development of power and increase of energy efficiency and also is an effective mean for distribution of scientific and technical information, improvement of professional skills of a wide circle of experts.

The State Committee for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus together with BelISA has acted as a collective organizer of the section of S&T developments at the exhibition “Power. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro”. The total area covered has reached 90 sq. m, 17 scientific organizations and universities of the Ministry of education, National academy of sciences of Belarus, Ministry of transport and communications have taken part in it. In total, within the framework of the collective stand more than 140 scientific developments were demonstrated in the field of power, energy saving, electrical engineering, ecology, use of re-processed resources, etc.

By the results of the work at the Forum the following organizations have been rewarded with diplomas of the exhibition:

  • Scientific and practical center of information measuring systems of the Belarusian state university,
  • Centre of technology transfer in the field of re-processed resources and ecology,
  • International state ecological university named after A. Sakharov,
  • Belarusian research institute of transport "Transtechnika”,
  • Department of agrarian sciences of the National academy of sciences of Belarus,
  • United institute of solid state physics and semiconductors of the National academy of sciences of Belarus,
  • State Committee for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus.


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