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Exhibitions: events and analysis

Hannover International Industrial Fair "HANNOVER MESSE 2010" (19-23 April 2010, Hannover, Germany)

May 28, 2010

On 19-23 April 2010 in Hannover, Germany the 62nd International Industrial Fair “HANNOVER MESSE 2010” took place. It included the branch exhibitions of the key industrial sectors which defined the global economic development. This year it was divided into 9 main specialized parts:

  1. International trade fair of industrial automation technologies,
  2. International trade fair of renewable energy sources, technologies for energy generating, transferring and distributing,
  3. International trade fair of technologies for design, construction, exploitation and services for electrical stations,
  4. International trade fair of technologies for mobile storage of energy and alternative decisions for energy transportation,
  5. International trade fair of integrated systems, information and digital technologies,
  6. International trade fair of sub-contracting industrial supplies and technologies for light construction,
  7. International trade fair of coils, transformers and electrical motors,
  8.  International trade fair of micro-, nano– and laser technologies,
  9. International exhibition of scientific developments and innovative technologies.

In 2010, around 4800 participants from 64 countries have managed to demonstrate their products. During the life time of the Fair lots of seminars, workshops and working groups have been carried out.

The State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus (SCS&T) has acted as a collective organizer of the S&T developments section within the National Exposition of Belarus at the «HANNOVER MESSE 2010». This was defined by the Plan of Belarus national exhibitions (expositions) abroad for 2010 as well as by the Plan of international actions of the SCS&T for 2010. At the SCS&T’s stand of 102 sq. m over 150 developments by 13 universities and 5 institutions of the National Academy of Sciences have been exposed.

The SCS&T’s exposition has been formed by developments in the following areas: metallurgy, details’ surface processing, laser technologies, new materials, and new ultra sound technologies, industrial wastes processing technologies, medicine, light industry, construction and mechanical engineering.  As a whole, the stand exposed developments of world level and was designed attractively. 

Participation in the «HANNOVER MESSE 2010» has allowed making business contacts with research organizations and companies of Europe and Asia, as well as with leading experts in the innovation sphere. By the results, 14 protocols on intentions, cooperation agreements and contracts have been concluded.

Besides, on 22 April 2010 within the “HANNOVER MESSE 2010” the II Belarusian-German Energy Forum was held in order to exchange experience, technologies and developments in the area of energy, energy saving, use of renewable energy sources, etc. In the Forum, representatives of public and commercial companies, banks and industrial enterprises from Germany and Belarus took part, as well as the Ambassador of Belarus in Germany A.Gyro. The Forum included the plenary session and 2 thematic sessions – “Energy effectiveness: renewable energy sources, bioenergy and biomass” and “Modernization of energy infrastructure, use of peat and brown coal for energy purposes”.


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