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Exhibitions: events and analysis

27 International Trade Fair "India International Trade Fair" (November 14-18, 2007, New Delhi)

December 12, 2007

The State Committee for Science and Technologies together with Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Science and Technical Sphere organized Days of Science of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of India and national scientific and technical exposition within the framework of 27-th International Trade Fair “India International Trade Fair” which took place in New Delhi on 14-18 November 2007.

Belarusian exposition was opened on 14 November in the presence of Belarus Ambassador in India O. Laptenok, employees of the Embassy of Belarus in India, Honorable Consul of Belarus in India Kolkate Sitaram Sharma, and also other official persons.

At the S&T exposition of Belarus developments of leading universities, institutes and organizations of the National Academy of Sciences were submitted. Its visitors had an opportunity to familiarize with the system of technology transfer in the universities of the Ministry of Education, information and marketing services of the Inter-University Centre of R&D Marketing and organization of industrial platforms, consulting services and technology transfer offered by Techno Park of BNTU “Metolit", newest scientific achievements of research institutes and organizations of the NAS of Belarus.

As a result of preliminary work and negotiations with the Indian partners carried out at the exhibition

  • more than 50 meetings with the representatives of the interested companies have been held, and also
  • 30 protocols on intentions signed,
  • the further steps on information exchange discussed,
  • business contacts established on scientific and commercial cooperation, innovation activities and technology transfer with the companies from India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Korea, Afghanistan etc.

Also the contract on development of technology for designing and manufacturing a flat cutting tool using cross-cut wedge rolling was signed.

Within the framework of the S&T exposition a presentation fair of Belarusian educational services has been held in which the representatives of Republican Institute of a Higher School, International Institute of Remote Training, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics, Belarusian State Medical University, and also Grodno State Medical University have taken part. By results of the meetings with interested experts the following spheres of mutual interests have been determined: formation of demand for educational services of Belarusian universities, training of Indian students in Belarus, getting master’s degree and PhD by the Indian experts in Belarusian universities, taking master’s program, preparation of joint publications, exchange of experts, teachers, etc.

According to the plan of preparation of the Days of Belarusian Science in India the State Committee for Science and Technologies of Belarus together with the Department on Science and Technologies of the Ministry for Science, Technologies and Earth Sciences of the Government of India have organized the 13th International S&T Seminar “New and Perspective Technologies: Opportunities for Global Partnership in Scientific Sphere”. It was held on 14-15 November in a conference hall of “Pragati Maydan” Expo Centre. Alongside with the Indian, Russian and Israeli scientists Belarusian researchers presented their reports and agreed with the partners on information interchange, mutual study of the projects represented and partner search in India for export of science-based products of Belarusian origin.

Among the general results of Belarusian scientific delegation activities at the exhibition it is necessary to mention strengthening of the international image of our republic, expansion of knowledge of Belarus among the potential foreign partners, getting information about opportunities of cooperation with the Indian party by Belarusian participants of the exhibition, information exchange and creation of close contacts between the companies and scientific organizations of Belarus and the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of India with the purpose of further progress of national S&T products on the markets of India and the other states of the region.


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