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Exhibitions: events and analysis

VIII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments and International Seminar (3-6 March 2008, Moscow)

March 31, 2008

For the sixth time the State Committee for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus together with Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere has acted as a collective organizer of a scientific and technical exposition in the framework of the VIII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments — the largest international S&T event.

Salon is a significant and unique S&T forum of inventors, developers and manufacturers of high-tech production and investment projects in the S&T sphere and industry.

Representatives of federal, regional and municipal authorities carrying out the state policy in the field of science, innovations and intellectual property, experts of the World Organization on Intellectual Property and numerous delegations from the foregn countries have taken part in the Salon.

In Belarusian section the results of research in priority directions of science, technologies and engineering, more than 160 newest competitive developments of the establishments of the Ministry of education, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Republican Centre of Technoogy Transfer and Belarusian Innovation Fund have been presented.

On 3 March 2008 the official opening ceremony of the Salon was held in which the head of Belarusian scientific delegation, Deputy Chairman of the SCS&T I.Voytov took part with a welcome speech. Belarusian section has been presented to the Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation À.Fursenko, chiefs of executive and legislative authorities of Russian Federation, members of the Organizing Committee, representatives of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia, honourable visitors of the Salon, which have noted a high level of exhibits and developments submitted.

The exhibits of Belarusian scientific and educational organizations have caused significant interest of the visitors and participants of the Exhibition. Over 100 meetings and negotiations with the representatives of various companies, enterprises, organizations and centres of science from Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, USA, Vietnam, and also Ukraine have been carried out. As a result of these interactions, 2 protocols on intentions, agreement and memorandum of cooperation, 4 contracts on manufacture and delivery of production have been signed.

In the framework of the Exhibition the annual competition of innovative developments was carried out. 54 developments have been applied for the competition by Belarusian organizations. The basic criteria for expert examination of innovative developments were a scientific novelty and their commercial potential. According to the decision of the authoritative International jury of the Salon several developments and exhibits submitted by Belarusian scientific delegation were awarded with the awards of the Salon. 42 medals and 10 diplomas have been received including 13 gold medals, 14 — silver and 15 — bronze. The SCS&T, Ministry of Education, NAS of Belarus, Belarusian Innovation Fund and BelISA were awarded with the diplomas of the Salon.

Within the framework of the Salon on 4 March 2008 International Seminar "Creation of national innovation systems in the countries – participants of the VIII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments" was carried out on the basis of International Centre of Scientific and Technical Information. It was organized by the SCS&T, BelISA, Association "Russian House for International Scientific and Technical Cooperation", Research Institute — Republican Research Scientific Consultation Centre for Examination and ICSTI.

In the Seminar about 70 participants from 9 countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Taiwan and South Korea), and also 3 international organizations — International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, International Laser Association and ICSTI have taken part. They were welcomed by Director of the ICSTI V.Kodola, Deputy Chairman of the SCS&T I.Voytov and Yu.Kungurtsev, Deputy Head of Department, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. Igor Voytov also made a report “National Innovation System of the Republic of Belarus”. He was followed by Belarusian researchers who presented their developments in the field of material science and nanotechnologies.  In the end of the Seminar a multilateral discussion on problems, ways of development and perfecting national innovation systems was held.


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