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Exhibitions: events and analysis

National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in Kazakhstan (7-10 September 2011, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

September 16, 2011

In accordance with the Plan of national exhibitions (expositions) of the Republic of Belarus abroad for 2011 approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 9 February 2011 N 164, on 7-10 September 2011 the National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus was held in “ATAKENT” Exhibition Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The aims of the Exhibition:

In policy —

  • to strengthen the positive image of Belarus as a dynamically developing state;
  • to develop mutually beneficial contacts between Belarus and Kazakhstan,
  • to promote the implementation of agreements approved within the framework of the visit of Belarus President in Kazakhstan in May 2011;

In economy —

  • to present Belarusian export potential and attractiveness for investors;
  • to demonstrate products of the leading Belarusian companies;
  • to promote national goods and services in the Kazakhstan market;
  • to carry out business meetings and negotiations;
  • to develop partnerships with Kazakhstan counterparts;
  • to conclude agreements and contracts for export of Belarusian products, and
  • to promote the implementation of bi-lateral projects;

In science and technology —

  • To promote Belarusian S&T developments and educational services in  the Kazakhstan market;
  • To develop cooperation in science and technology;

In culture and information —

  • To strengthen cultural relations and exchanges between Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • To raise awareness of the Kazakhstan population about Belarusian current cultural life and the country’s cultural heritage.

The State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus jointly with Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere has been a collective organizer of the thematic session of S&T developments within the National exhibition. At the SCS&T’s stand with the area over 80 sq. m more than 130 developments and innovative projects have been presented by 4 organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 14 — of the Ministry of Education and 2 — of the Ministry of Health.

At the exhibition, numerous agreements have been concluded between organizations, universities and companies of the two countries. In particular, a contract has been agreed with Karaganda State Technical University on developing of information protecting system. Also, a protocol on intentions with Almaty Technological University has been signed on implementing of joint projects for the light industry. The conference “Belarus — Kazakhstan: cooperation without borders” has concluded the program of the Exhibition.


Source: BelISA, Department of S&T actions, marketing and consulting


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