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Exhibitions: events and analysis

The National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in Moscow. The Exhibition-Presentation of investment and innovation projects of Moscow and the Republic of Belarus (21-27 November 2009, Moscow)

December 13, 2009

The opening ceremony of the National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in Moscow took place on 24 November in the pavilion of the Republic of Belarus in VVZ. The Prime-Minister of the Republic of Belarus S.S. Sidorskiy and the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on inter-regional cooperation, sport and tourism S.L. Baydakov acted with a complimentary address for the guests and participants of the Exhibition. The First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technologies (SCS&T) V.I. Nedilko presented the S&T exposition of the Republic of Belarus.

In the framework of the 6th Business Cooperation Forum of Moscow and Belarus the Exhibition-Presentation of investment and innovation projects of Moscow and Belarus took place on 23-24 November 2009 in the Universal Exhibition Hall of Moscow Government Building. Committee of inter-regional cooperation and national politics of Moscow and the SCS&T acted as the organizers.

The aim of these events was to analyze and evaluate the perspectives of joint innovation technologies’ mastering in industrial production of Moscow and Belarus, investment involvement into the development of high technologies and science-based productions, production modernization, innovation politics development stimulation in Russia and Belarus.

11 universities and organizations of the Ministry of Education presented their production and S&T developments on the collective stand of the SCS&T:

  • Skorina’s Gomel State University;
  • Belarusian-Russian University;
  • Belarusian State Technological University;
  • Vitebsk State Technological University;
  • Scientific Technological Park “Metolit” of BNTU;
  • Sukhoy’s Gomel State Technical University;
  • Belarusian National Technical University;
  • Polotsk State University;
  • Belarusian State Transport University;
  • Brest State Technical University;
  • Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

Here are the most important developments presented on the stand of the Ministry of Education: composite bearing element of building constructions,

  • ceramic and metal-ceramic coverings,
  • industrial waste processing,
  • vibro-acoustic device of speech information security “Priboy-R”, etc.

These developments are ready to be introduced in enterprises of Moscow Belarus.

The exhibits presented on the stand of the Ministry of Education had a huge social effect. The means of speech information active security, program means in the field of speech technologies and methods and materials of human security of electromagnetic radiation as an object of study in appropriate education establishments born a great interest among the representatives of Moscow education establishments.

Over 30 negotiations have been carried out on the stand of Ministry of Education, several agreements have been signed on

  • developing a hard prototype of the endoscope with camera;
  • transfer of non-exclusive rights for the software named “Beta”;
  • replication and distribution of electronic tools for education in Russia.

Also, some protocols of intentions have been signed on preparation of the contract about the installation of equipment complexes for the speech information security through the vibro-acoustic channels. The agreement has been signed a swell about signing a contract on joint development and introduction of semi-functional modifiers of concrete structure.

Investment appeal of developments by Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics has been underlined by Moscow Entrepreneur Association. Its spokesman also offered the developers of BSUIR to take part in the call “Leader in the field of high technologies”.  

The exposition of Belarusian State University was presented by its own stand. The following medicines were presented to the specialists and representatives of Moscow enterprises and organizations at the Exhibition: anti-swelling medicine “Tsispatsel”, antibacterial drugs “Oxitselanim”, “Protsepan”, ophthalmologic medicine “Lekemoks” and cardiotropic drug “Nitargal”.

Negotiations on cooperation in the field of creation of new medicines of prolonged type have been held with the institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences and medical companies. Some agreements on cooperation have been signed.

Information and materials about innovation developments of BSU were presented to Russian mass-media, press-center of the Exhibition and Belarusian Embassy in Russian Federation. Some interviews about the innovation potential and developments of BSU, and also about new medicines were given to “Russkiy inzhener” magazine, internet-radio “Vremya Soyuza” and “Vremya zhit vmeste” newspaper.

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was presented by the Scientific Practical Center on Materials, Institute of Metal Technology, Kuprevich’s Institute of Experimental Botany and Institute of Powder Metallurgy.

Within the Exhibition the attention was paid almost at every exhibit of the Scientific Practical Center on Materials. As a result of negotiations, information on S&T developments has been passed to the interested experts. Explanations have been given about the technical characteristics of presented developments, their technologies, components, etc. Two contracts and two protocols on intentions on delivery and joint research of d-electrical materials for the SHF-use have been signed.

The Institute of Powder Metallurgy presented the information about the ability of hydrogen use, taken from the boehmite synthesis, the use of boehmite in production of membranes, the ability of making thin detachable diamond circles, bio-metal aluminium-cupric plates. The visitors were interested by the developments of the Center in the field of nanodisperse ceramic powder. This was proved by the signed protocols of intentions about joint activities.

Kuprevich’s Institute of Experimental Botany presented a technology of year-round receipt of non-viral potato mini-tubers, models of non-viral mini-tubers, printed information about technologies created in the Institute. Many other technologies including producing of ecologically safe bio-stimulators and means of plant security, bio-technical complexes of year-round receipt of non-viral potato mini-tubers, etc were advertised.

The Ministry of Public Health was presented by the Aleksandrov’s Republican Scientific Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology. Computer presentations contained main information on Center’s history, areas of scientific and practical activities, import-replacing technologies developed, jointly created with BSU developments of medicines for local chemical therapy, etc. Some negotiations with Russian colleagues were also held. An agreement on the Center’s developments use and commercialization has been signed.

Within the framework of the Exhibition a round-table meeting took place. The issues of S&T and innovation cooperation, and also the small and medium entrepreneurship have been discussed.


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