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Exhibitions: events and analysis

11th International Forum and Exhibition "High Technologies of the XXI century" (19-22 April 2010, Moscow)

May 20, 2010

In accordance to the Plan of national exhibitions (expositions) abroad for 2010 approved by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 04.02.2010 N 151 “On approval of the Plan of national exhibitions (expositions) abroad for 2010” and with the aim of promoting national technologies, scientific developments, goods and services in the external markets the 11th International Forum and Exhibition “High Technologies of the XXI century” was organized in Moscow on 19-22 April 2010.

Around 300 participants from 20 regions of Russia and 6 foreign countries have taken part in the Forum including public research centers, Russian Academy of Sciences, industrial enterprises, universities, “naukograds” (towns having a special status due to a very high concentration of R&D centers in this or that thematic area), SMEs, etc.

The program of the Forum included an exhibition, International Conference “High Technologies — the Strategy for XXI century”, competitions, as well as a rich business part.  According to its structure, the Exhibition was a multi-sectoral event which, in fact, acted as a unique exhibiting technopark for supporting innovations and high technologies despite of their branch orientation, and also for promoting them in the market.

At the collective stand of the SCS&T developments of the following Belarusian universities and R&D centers have been presented: Belarusian State University, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Belarusian National Technical University and its Scientific and Technical Park “Polytechnik”, Belarusian State Technological University, Belarusian-Russian University, Belarusian State University of Transport, Vitebsk State Technological University, Polotsk State University, Institute of Powder Metallurgy of the National Academy of Sciences, etc.

During the Exhibition life time the Belarusian R&D organizations were busy with presenting their developments at the stand, meetings and negotiations with potential clients and partners, searching for potential end-users, as well as monitoring of the exposition in appropriate scientific areas. Also, they took part in the competition “High technologies — the basics for modernization of the economy and industrial development”.

This call was carried out with the purpose to define and assist in promoting of innovative projects in the market, attract investments into innovation sphere and increase an activity of developers and producers of science-based products.

By the results of the competition the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, as well as Belarusian-Russian University have been awarded with the medals of the 11th International Forum High Technologies of the XXI century” for the projects “Non-contact radio wave measuring instrument for vibrations” and “Small-scale mechanical driving systems based on transmissions with intermediate rolling bodies” respectively, Belarusian State University — for the project “Fire-resistant polyether nonwoven material and technology of its production”.

The members of Belarusian delegation took active part in the plenary session “The tasks of uniting and consolidating the efforts of research and expert communities” in the framework of the conference “High technologies – the strategy of the XXI century”. At this session the issues of mobilization and consolidation of  intellectual, technological and financial resources on the key directions of the technological breakthrough, including nanotechnologies and new materials,  energy effectiveness and energy saving, strategic information technologies and artificial intellect, space technologies, medicine and biotechnologies have been discussed as well as the prospects of creation of the common information and technology area and system integration of innovative projects, and also development of information networks and clusters.

For participation in the Exhibition “High technologies — the strategy of the XXI century” and achievements in the area of high technologies the organizations — participants of the SCS&T’s stand have been awarded with diploma.


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