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Exhibitions: events and analysis

Belarusian Industrial Forum-2011 (17-20 May 2011, Minsk)

June 29, 2011

On 17-20 May 2011, Belarusian Industrial Forum-2011 was held in Minsk. It was aimed at assisting Belarusian enterprises and organizations in increasing the output of high-tech products which are competitive on internal and external market, introducing the new science-based technologies and equipment, and also in developing the international cooperation and attracting investments in the national industry. 

Within the Forum, the 15th International Specialized Fair “Belpromenergo” has been organized where advanced competitive technologies and equipment have been presented by companies and organizations of the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Construction and Architecture, Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education, as well as by small and medium enterprises from all Belarus regions and Minsk city.  Also, international companies and national companies and enterprises from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan exhibited their products.

In accordance with the Plan of international actions for 2011, the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus has acted as a collective organizer of the S&T section at the 15th International Industrial Exhibition “Belpromenergo”. Its total area was 144 sq. m and the number of exhibits reached 250. The thematic scope of the S&T section was the following: energy effective and energy saving technologies, equipment and materials in industry, energy, construction, city and house managing and communal services, R&D for industry and energy, devices and systems of fuel, water, electricity and heat calculating and monitoring; monitoring, measuring and diagnostics equipment; equipment and systems for ensuring safety in industry, etc.

Upon the decision of the Head of the Organizing Committee of Belarusian Industrial Forum-2011, First Deputy Chairman of the Government Vladimir Semashko, within the collective S&T section a special stand has been developed for presenting the task and prospective projects that going to be implemented within the State Program of Innovative Development of Belarus for 2011-2015. At this stand, the investment projects have been demonstrated from 20 organizations belonging to 6 ministries in the form of posters, presentations and models.

The Ministry of Education have been presented by 9 organizations while the National Academy of Sciences – by 10. The most interesting developments in terms of introducing them in industry have been demonstrated to Mr. Dmitry Katerinich, Minister of Industry, Mr. Leonid Shenets, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Standardization and Mr. Leonid Demidov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology. During the exposition life time, the SCS&T’s section was attended by representatives of the Iranian Embassy and delegations from Vietnam and Czech Republic. Over 500 experts from industrial enterprises and companies from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and also universities’ students have registered for the event. They were informed about new developments. Also, technical consultations on potential cooperation and joint activities have been carried out.    

Meetings and negotiations with stakeholders and potential partners have added to the program of the event being devoted to deeper informing about the products demonstrated, peculiarities of equipment and materials, their competitive advantages, as well as about the ways to promote them. 2 contracts for manufacturing the products and one agreement on bi-lateral cooperation have been concluded.

Within the Belarusian Industrial Forum-2011, the 8th international competition for energy effective and resource saving technologies and equipment was held. The following developments have taken part and been rewarded with diploma:

  • “Technology of manufacturing the workpieces made of antifriction silumin”, by the Institute of Metals’ Technology, NAS;
  • “Magnetic width-measuring device for dielectric walls which allows measuring the width of dielectric walls of complex construction” and “The way of detecting the quantum exit of metals’ ions in light-sensitive system “metal-dielectric”, by Brest State University named after A.Pushkin.

By the results of the Exhibition, the diploma have been awarded to the State Committee for Science and Technology, Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of S&T Sphere, Ministry of Education and 10 organizations subordinated to it, as well as to the Presidium of National Academy of Sciences and 10 organizations subordinated to NAS.

Source: BelISA, Department of S&T actions, marketing and consulting.


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