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Exhibitions: events and analysis

XII International Exhibition & Congress "High Technologies. Innovations. Investments" (HI-TECH'2007) (2-5 October, 2007, St.Petersburg)

November 02, 2007

On October 2-5, 2007 Belarusian science was presented in St.Petersburg at the XII International Exhibition & Congress “High Technologies. Innovations. Investments” (HI-TECH'2007) which took place in the frame of the XI International Industrial Forum “Russian Manufacturer”.


The International Industrial Forum “Russian Manufacturer” is carried out annually since 1997. The forum is called to promote formation of state policy of industrial development of Russia, development of concrete offers in the focus federal and regional programs, decision of urgent problems on technological re-equipment of enterprises, introduction of innovations and achievements of science, engineering and technology in manufacture, increase of quality and competitiveness of production, perfection and expansion of subcontract relations, preparation of professional staff. This year in the structure of the Forum, alongside with HI-TECH'2007, 3 exhibitions have been held – the 7th Specialized Exhibition “Nuclear Industry”, International Specialized Exhibition “Industrial Non-Destructive Control and Diagnostics”, 11th International Machine-Building Exhibition “PromExpo-Russian Manufacturer”. More than 270 companies and organizations from 25 regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, and also Czech Republic have taken part in the  Forum.

235 scientific developments including 41 from Belarus have been submitted for the competition “The Best Innovative Project and the Best S&T Development of the Year”. By results of this competition 12 Belarusian developments were awarded with gold medals, 12 developments got silver, 15 received diplomas. Two developments have been marked by special prizes:

  • 1-st Degree Diploma and an incentive prize in nomination “The Best Innovtive Project in the Field of Ecology and Rational Resource Using” for the development “Resource saving technology of complex fertilizers based on waste-free and small-waste technological processes” (Belarusian State Technological University, O.Dormeshkin);
  • 2nd Degree Diploma and an incentive prize and silver medal in nomonation “Best Youth Innovative Project” for the  development “Universal microprocessor device of the thermal analysis of metals and alloys” (Scientific Technological Park of BNTU "Metolit", I.Rafalsky).

The members of Belarusian delegation have taken part in the following conferences orgnized within the framework of the Forum: “Interregional Cooperation in the Field of Small and Medium Business”, “Innovative Developments of Russian Machinerybuilders for Defense Industry and General Mechanical Engineering of the Northwest Region”, “Research, Developments and Application of High Technologies in Industry”, and Second International Nuclear Forum. The intensive business program of the Forum has allowed to adjust numerous contacts with the Russian industrial enterprises and scientific organizations. See report about the content of the arrangements concluded at the exhibition at http://belisa.org.by/actions/exhibitions/SP2007.html.


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