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Exhibitions: events and analysis

XIV International Exhibition & Congress "High Technologies. Innovations. Investments" (HI-TECH'2008) (22-25 September, 2008, St.-Petersburg)

October 17, 2008

According to Tamara Serkova, the head of the Department of International S&T Cooperation of the State Committee for Science and Technologies, developments of research organizations and universities of Belarus are awarded with 22 gold and 14 silver medals, and also a special prize in the result of competitions within the XIV International Exhibition — Congress “High technologies. Innovations. Investments” in St.-Petersburg.

Belarusian scientists have presented at the Exhibition over 185 S&T products and developments in the area of alternative power, nano– and biotechnologies, medicine, industry, airspace technologies, ecology, IT-technologies. By the results of competitions the higher educational institutions of Ministry of Education of Belarus have won 10 gold and 8 silver medals, research organizations of the NAS of Belarus — 4 gold and 2 silver ones. In particular, the following developments of Belarusian State University have won the gold medals: traffic lights based on light-emitting diodes, modern road controller, a new medicine “Protselan” in the form of self-dissolving napkins and a hydrophilic ointment, and also the other scientific developments. As a whole, BSU has received 7 gold and 4 silver medals.

At the Exhibition, representatives of Belarusian science have concluded contracts on delivery of Belarusian equipment and technologies in Russia and discussed the opportunities of carrying out joint projects in the sphere of industry with their Russian partners.

Besides, the experts of the State Committee for Science and Technologies of Belarus have discussed with their colleagues from the Committee on Science and Higher Education of St.-Petersburg the rules for the new program of cooperation in science and high technologies for forthcoming years.


The Exhibition — Congress “High technologies. Innovations. Investments” is one of the main events in Russia in the field of promoting the high technologies, innovations, investment projects on the external markets and maintaining an effective interaction between scientific organizations, industry and potential investors. Its thematic topics cover almost all the areas of science, including atomic and nuclear physics, chemistry and new materials, energy and electrical engineering, metrology and standards, metallurgy and mechanical engineering, biotechnology and bioengineering, medicine and public health services, transport, ecological safety, instrument making and electronics, agriculture and food-processing industry.

The enterprises of all federal districts of Russia, and also organizations from Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Netherlands and other countries have taken part this year in the Exhibition. The event is organized under the aegis of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of the Russian Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen, and also the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of St.-Petersburg.


Source: BelTA, BelISA


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