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Exhibitions: events and analysis

10th Teheran International Industrial Fair (6-9 October 2010, Teheran)

October 28, 2010

On  6-9 October 2010 in Teheran the 10th International Industrial Fair was held. Companies from Iran, Turkey, China, Germany, Austria, Spain, Romania, Malaysia, Belarus and other countries have taken part in it. The State Committee for Science and Technology jointly with BelISA has organized a collective S&T exposition within the Fair formed by 17 R&D organizations of the Ministry of Education and National Academy of Sciences.

The collective exposition has covered quite wide range of areas, e.g. metallurgy, processing of components’ surfaces, technologies of components hardening, laser technologies, new materials, industrial wastes processing, medicine, light industry, agriculture, mechanical engineering and instrument making, new developments and instruments in laser and optic tools, as well as technologies for medicine, ecology, industrial technologies, micro- and nano- optoelectronics (including solar energy), last achievements in casting technologies for mechanical engineering; atomic power microscopes of wide functionality; new technologies for cubic crushed stones acquisition and enriching natural resources; equipment for classification of free-flowing materials, equipment for wastes processing; technological and medical centrifuges, equipment for figure cutout of materials, etc.

The exhibits exposed have managed to attract attention of visitors: the Belarusian collective S&T stand was demonstrated to A.Radevich, Minister of Industry of Belarus; S.Hosejni, Ambassador of Iran in Belarus; V.Rubak, Ambassador of Belarus in Iran, as well as to experts interested in development of the long-term collaboration with R&D centers of Belarus.

Within the framework of the Fair, negotiations were held with numerous Iranian companies in the areas of mutual interest. Thus,

  • Belarusian National Technical University has signed a protocol on intentions about cooperation in casting and metallurgy;
  • Iranian party has expressed an interest to purchase electronic components;
  • Iranian party has expressed an interest to develop cooperation in construction, road lifting and transport equipment with Belarusian producers;
  • There were over 20 meetings with representatives of Iranian agricultural companies which are interested in BSU developments, e.g. hydro gel for encrustation of seeds “GISINAR”, bio preparations for plant protection “Baktofyl”, “Baktogen”, “Auryn”, technology of before-sowing processing of agricultural and forest seeds;
  • Institute of Physics of NASB has agreed on continuation of contacts in laser technologies used for cutting and welding of materials, alloys and marking of materials;
  • Institute of Metals’ Technologies of NASB has signed a protocol in the area of casting equipment production; etc.

Visitors were interested in the opportunities of education in Belarus. The questions mainly touched upon the post-graduate education: available research areas, prices, accommodation, etc. They have been given detailed explanations, as well as catalogues of Belarusian universities with the list of available educational services.

Besides participation in the Exhibition, members of Belarusian delegation have taken part in the business-forum “Trade and Investment possibilities of Iran-Belarus Cooperation”. Within the Forum the issues of engineers training for Iran in Belarus were discussed.


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