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Exhibitions: events and analysis

The 17th Vietnamese International Trade Fair "VIETNAM EXPO 2007" (April 4-8, 2007, Hanoi, Vietnam)

May 11, 2007

According to the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus N 131 of 2 February, 2007 the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “BelInterExpo” Company of the Belarusian Chamber of Industry and Commerce have organized a National Exhibition of Belarus at the 17th Vietnamese International Trade Fair “VIETNAM EXPO 2007” which was held on 4-8 April, 2007 in Hanoi.

Открытие VII Московского международного салона инноваций и инвестиций
Открытие VII Московского международного салона инноваций и инвестиций

The State Committee for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus was charged with organization of S&T section at the exposition. Over 170 exhibits of 12 organizations of the Ministry of Education and 5 institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus were demonstrated on the joint stand of the SCS&T with a total area 63 sq. m.

"Vinexad" Company supported by several Vietnamese ministries and organizations has been the organizer of the 17th Vietnamese International Trade Fair “VIETNAM EXPO 2007”.  The following areas have been presented: agriculture, electric equipment, industrial equipment, motor industry, electronics, construction materials, textiles, clothes, various services (bank, insurance, tourist, etc.). Except Belarus, on “VIETNAM EXPO 2007” the following countries have been presented: China, Republic of Korea, Belgium, Australia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey.

The Vice-President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam Mrs. Chiong Mi Hoa and numerous heads of Vietnamese ministries and departments took part in the opening ceremony held on April 4, 2007.

During the first day of the Exhibition the SCS&T’s joint stand have been visited by the Vice-President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam Mrs. Chiong Mi Hoa, Liong Van Yu, Deputy Minister of Trade, Buy Suan Hu, Deputy Minister of Industry, Tub Tyen Thang, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information, Hien Nguen Min, Adviser for the Committee of Education and a former Minister of Education, Ngo Dang Nhan, Director of the Vietnamese agency for control radiation safety and nuclear energy, A. Kutselay, the Ambassador of Belarus in Vietnam, and also Vu Suan Nin, the Ambassador of  Vietnam in Belarus.

VII Московский международный салон инноваций и инвестиций. Белорусская экспозиция

Belarusian S&T section was unique at the Exhibition by its scale and areas covered.  During the whole Exhibition Belarusian S&T developments attracted attention of the visitors. The most popular exhibits: technologies of new materials production, technologies of water purification (sorbents, penopropilen); technologies with application of plasma (welding, sputtering); technologies of metals processing; technologies with application of artificial diamonds (drill, disks, grinding circles, diamond-like carbon coatings); microwave technologies;  creation and development of measuring equipment of various purposes — computer complexes, etc.

Belarusian S&T developments presented at the Exhibition are urgent for the Vietnamese market. That has been approved by significant interest to them on the part of the leading companies of Vietnam, Korea and China. By results of negotiations Belarusian experts have signed the contracts on delivery of separators on constant magnets and crushing technique, and also more than 20 agreements on joint activities and advancement of Belarusian S&T production in the Vietnamese market. Preliminary arrangements with the leading Vietnamese companies are achieved in the field of scientific research and development of technologies, training and re-training of experts.


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