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Exhibitions: events and analysis

The National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in Yekaterinburg (5-8 October, 2009, Yekaterinburg)

November 02, 2009

The National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in Yekaterinburg
took place on 5-8 October 2009 in Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation).

Sverdlovsk Region is one of the leading Russian regions from the point of industrial potential and science. There are medium and heavy engineering, energy and mining productions, metallurgy, many enterprises of military-industrial complex and R&D  organizations. That is why the organizations of the Ministry of Education are interested in this region. The exhibits were selected and the delegation was composed with a glance of this region’s features.

10 universities and establishments of the Ministry of Education have presented their products and scientific developments on the collective stand of the SCS&T:

  1. Skorina’s Gomel State University
  2. Belarusian State University
  3. Belarusian State University of Transport
  4. Belarusian-Russian University
  5. Belarusian State Technological University
  6. Vitebsk State Technological University
  7. Scientific Technical Park “Metolit”
  8. Suhoy’s Gomel State Technical University
  9. Belarusian National Technical University
  10. Polotsk State University

The Exhibition was opened by the First Deputy Prime-Minister of Belarus V.Semashko, Minister of Economy and Labor of Sverdlovsk Region M.Maksimov, Deputy Head of the House of Representatives of the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk Region V.Nikitin, Major of Yekaterinburg A.Chernetskiy.

During the Exhibition delegation of the Ministry of Education has carried out the following activities:

  • work on the stand and presentation of developments,
  • meetings and negotiations with potential clients and partners,
  • search for potential consumers of the universities’ S&T production and partners for marketing research and S&T production transfer.

Within the framework of the Exhibition a round-table “Engineering, machine-tool construction, metallurgy, car industry, science” has been carried out with participation of the First Deputy Prime-Minister of Belarus V.Semashko. Several reports of the representatives of the Ministry of Education on actual issues of S&T and innovation activities in Belarus have been included in the program of the round-table.

Over 50 contacts and negotiations with representatives of Sverdlovsk Region have been made during the fair. Developments in industrial and domestic waste processing, coatings for different purposes, final surface handling, industrial waste water cleaning technologies and reagents, automatic complexes for producing goods from penopolyurethane, use of “Penoporum” sorbent and the developments in the field of agriculture and medicine had the greatest popularity. As a result of negotiations the protocol on intentions in the field of development and adoption of the technology of industrial waste water cleaning has been signed.

The BSU exhibitors gave interview to “Russian Newspaper”. Material was published on the 8th of October 2009. The diplomas of the exhibition were awarded to the participants of the exposition of the Ministry of Education.



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