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Exhibitions: events and analysis

V International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery "MILEX-2009" (19-22 May 2009, Minsk)

June 08, 2009

On 19 22 May, 2009 in Minsk the Vth International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery "MILEX-2009" took place.
The organizers of the Exhibition: the State Military Industrial Committee, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Industry, National Exhibition Centre "BELEXPO”. “Beltechexport” Ltd. has sponsored it. Also, the event has been supported by the State Secretariat of the Safety Council of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Trade, Ministry on Extreme Situations, Ministry of Education, Committee of the State Safety, State Committee for Science and Technology, State Customs Committee, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Minsk City Executive Committee.



"MILEX" is one of most perspective and important exhibitions held in Belarus. The purpose of the action is to demonstrate the samples of production of defense enterprises and companies which produce products of dual application; to assist in establishing partnerships between manufacturers and consumers of the products of defense industry; to conclude contracts on arms modernization, and also popularization of military technique and raising a prestige of the army.
The basic areas of the Exhibition:
  • Armored machinery
  • Missile, artillery and small arms
  • Short— and medium-range air defense systems
  • The hi-tech equipment and systems
  • Ammunition and special purpose chemistry, range measuring equipment and techniques
  • Optic-electronic equipment and systems
  • Techniques and means of radiation, chemical and biological protection
  • Technical means and systems provided for armies
  • Information systems and systems of information protection
  • Transport means: automobiles and tractors
  • Air force and space-rocket complexes. Space technologies
  • Aircraft navigation complexes and automatic control systems
  • Technologies and technical equipment of double application
  • Road, building, loading means and mechanisms
  • Modernization and repair of military machinery and arms
  • Equipment and technologies for arms recycling, military engineering and ammunition
  • Military establishments of higher education
  • Equipment for salvage operations in the conditions of natural calamities and emergency situations, fire-extinguishing equipment and means
  • Military research basis
  • Military medicine
  • Ammunition, clothes and special accessories
  • Individual armored equipment
145 enterprises and organizations of a variable subordination from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia have taken part in the Vth International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery "MILEX-2009". More than 4000 exhibits have been shown. The Exhibition has occupied more than 1700 sq.m of covered exposition and over 4000 sq.m of the open space. The united exposition of Russian Federation was represented by the State Corporation "Rostechnologii”, Ukraine — State Company "Ukrspetzexport” and SPE "Aeroengineering – MLT”.
The solemn opening ceremony was headed by the Prime Minister of Belarus S.Sidorsky, General Secretary of the Agreement on Joint Safety Organization N.Bordiuzha and State Secretary of the Safety Council of Belarus Y.Zhadobin.
Within the framework of the Exhibition, on 20–21 May, 2009 the IVth International Scientific Conference on military technical problems of defense, safety and use of double technologies was carried out. At this Conference the questions of defense and safety have been considered. Also, the opportunities for creating conditions for development of military technical cooperation, integration of defense industries and introduction of double technologies have been analyzed.
More than 260 leaders, scientists and experts from Belarus (213 participants from 55 organizations), Russian Federation (32 participants from 21 organizations), Ukraine, Bulgaria, Libya, Lithuania, Vietnam and Kazakhstan have taken part in the Conference.
According to the Order of the Prime Minister N 130p of 13 November, 2008 the State Committee for Science and Technologies of Belarus has acted as a collective organizer of the S&T section within the Exhibition "MILEX". Its total area reached 160 sq.m of which 93 sq.m have been taken by the Ministry of Education and 66 sq.m – by the National Academy of Sciences. In total, over 170 developments have been demonstrated by the 19 scientific organizations and universities.
The Ministry of Education was represented by the following organizations: Belarusian State University, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Belarusian National Technical University, Belarusian State Technological University, Polotsk State University, Belarusian-Russian University (Mogilev), Gomel State Technical University named after P.Sukhoy, Gomel State University named after F.Skoruna, Vitebsk State Technological University and Scientific Technological Park “Metolit” of BNTU.
The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was represented by the State Scientific Production Amalgamation of Powder Metallurgy, State Scientific Production Amalgamation “Tsentr”, Scientific Practical Centre of NAS on Material Sciences, United Institute of Informatics Problems, Institute of Applied Physics, Institute of Physics named after B.Stepanov, Heat and Mass Transfer Institute named after .Luikov, Physical Technical Institute, and also "Technomag” Company.
Within the framework of the Exhibition a number of fruitful negotiations on cooperation with the enterprises and organizations of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine was carried out. The Exhibition has become an important element of nation-wide policy on the further development of the defense, strengthening science-based manufactures, creating new conditions for deeper military technical cooperation, integration and cooperation with the neighbor and distant countries in defense industry.

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