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Exhibitions: events and analysis

XVII International Specialized Exhibition on Telecommunications, Information and Bank Technologies TIBO-2010 (20-23 April 2010, Minsk)

May 21, 2010

On 20-23 April 2010 in Minsk the XVIIth International Specialized Exhibition on Telecommunications, Information and Bank Technologies “TIBO-2010” took place. Over 200 companies from 12 countries have taken part in it. The key domestic and foreign producers of telecommunication equipment, digital computer technology and software have presented their exposures. According to information of the organizers, more than 15 000 specialists became the visitors of the Exhibition. The staff of local enterprises dealing with communications and information technologies, have got a possibility to be acquainted with the most contemporary technique and software, as well as with the development trends in all the sectors within the information area.

In accordance with its Plan of international actions for 2010 the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus (SCS&T) has played a role of the collective organizer of a section of S&T developments at the Exhibition “TIBO-2010”. In the collective stand, 11 organizations of the Ministry of Education, 4 scientific centers of the National Academy of the Sciences of Belarus and 3 organizations of the State Military Industrial Committee have taken part. The total area of the SCS&T’s collective stand exceeded 130 sq. m. with the number of S&T developments demonstrated — about 100.

In TIBO-2010, 11 organizations of the Ministry of Education of Belarus took part. Belarusian— Russian University has presented a Program-technological complex for imitation of complex processes in the systems “BelSim 2”. It’s intended for simulation in the complex information ERP-system of management. Besides, the visitors of the Exhibition were interested in the system of electronic control and diagnosis of the automobile hydromechanical transfer.

The new development — a detector for detection and tracking the moving objects — was exposed by Polotsk State University and drew the attention of specialists who carry out guarding activities. Also, a portable radar for sub-surface sounding for checking the presence of illegal tools for secret readout of information in premises, as well as detecting the concealed weapons and remote fuses was demonstrated for the needs of police.

Among the novelties a monitoring system “YUSINTA” presented by the Scientific Technological Park of Belarusian National Technical University “POLYTECNIC” has to be mentioned. The system is based on the technology of GSM/GRPS data transmission and makes it possible to carry out operational monitoring and remote control of any objects, including those in motion.

Traditionally, an extensive exposition was presented by Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics. In particular, it included a program complex for statistical analysis and optimization in the research, an electronic educational methodical complex in philosophy, computer trainers for training personnel which operates the means of communication, electronic complex “Internet-medium for organization and quality control of a training process”, etc.

Belarusian State University has presented developments in the following areas:

I. Information and communication technologies, instruments and the devices:

  • Microwave transceiver;
  • Computer— oriented meters for radio electronics;
  • Programs for calculation and optimization of information networks.

II. Multimedia educational projects:

  • Banks of electronic training materials based on the net program platform e-University for the remote education;
  • Complex of the imitation training, controlling, testing and methodical programs for training of officers studying at the Military Faculty;
  • Unified program medium for managing the university and the training process informatization; 
  • Diagnostics of professional orientation and professional appropriateness of specialists.

III. Science-based information technologies:

  • System of early detection and notification about the emergency situations at chemically dangerous manufactures;
  • Corporate automated system for design, control and tracking of works in geo-ecology, geomechanics, extraction of solid and hydrocarbon minerals — MAPMENEGER;
  • Program complexes of fire, radiation and meteorological monitoring;
  • Program automated control systems of urban traffic ASU DD.

By the results of TIBO-2010 the following scientific centers have been awarded:

  • Belarusian State University — for their microwave transceiver;
  • Scientific Technological Park of Belarusian National Technical University “POLYTECNIC” — for the communication and monitoring system “YUSINTA”;
  • Belarusian-Russian University — for the program-technological complex for imitation of complex processes in the systems “BelSim 2”;
  • Polotsk State University — for the detector for detection and tracking the moving objects;
  • Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics — for the development of new software for the automated management of training process; for the idea of electronic textbooks and trainers for training the personnel operating the means of communication and several other developments.

In the Exhibition, the following organizations of the National Academy of the Sciences of Belarus have taken part:

  • United Institute of Informatics Problems,
  • “Geo-information Systems” Enterprise,
  • Institute of Physics named after B. Stepanov,
  • Institute of Genetics and Cytology.

By the results of “TIBO-2010” several NAS’s developments have been marked by diploma and special prizes:

  • United Institute of Informatics Problems — for the system of the support of decision making within diagnostics of primary immunodeficiency states;
  • Institute of Physics named after B.Stepanov — for the optical-electronic system of vision at limited atmosphere transparency.

The State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus was represented by the following organizations:

  • Research Institute of the Means of Automation,
  • Joint Stock Company “NIIEVM”,
  • Joint Stock Company “LES”.

Within the framework of the Exhibition the XVIIth Congress for Technologies of Information Society has taken place. At the Congress, the following issues have been discussed: development of  Belarusian sector of Internet, raising an efficiency of trade and services by means of IT, modern technologies of wide-band access, etc.


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