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Exhibitions: events and analysis

VIII National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus "BelarusEXPO2010" in Latvia (22-25 September 2010, Riga)

October 15, 2010

On 22-25 September 2010 in Riga, Latvia the VIII National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus “BelarusEXPO2010” was held. Over 180 Belarusian enterprises, organizations and companies have taken part in it.

The State Committee for Science and Technology (SCS&T) jointly with BelISA has organized a collective science, technology and innovation exposition within it. On the total area of 77 sq.m 12 universities, S&T Park “Polytechnik”, 6 institutions of the National Academy of sciences and 2 organizations belonging to the Ministry of Health have exposed more than 200  developments  in the form of samples, pilot devices, information and promotion materials, etc. in the areas of bi-lateral S&T cooperation.

Exposition of the Ministry of Education covered the following areas: metallurgy, processing of surfaces, laser technologies, new materials, new ultrasound technologies, agriculture, processing of industrial wastes, medicine, light industry, and also mechanical engineering and instrument making. Belarusian State University has presented its developments in the area of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, equipment for water purification, equipment for producing goods made of penopolyurethane, substances and technologies for agriculture, etc.

Exposition of the National Academy of Sciences covered different areas of activities, such as technologies of covering metal goods with highly durable metallurgical coatings, super hard materials, electro clinker casting, magneto-impulse punching, technologies and equipment for metalizing the rolled polymer materials, technologies for developing of diamond-like Carbon coatings, substances for anti-cancer and anti-virus pharmaceuticals, samples of light-emitting products for various purposes, etc.

The Ministry of Health has demonstrated a system for images processing and analyzing “BIOSCAN” and its capacities for practical use; system of sign language rehabilitation “RUKOVODSTVO”, legal and methodical documents in environmental hygiene, norms for atmospheric air quality, modern procedure for assessing the risk for human health in areas under construction, as well as programs and development plans within the process of strategic ecological assessment. 

All the exhibits have drawn attention of visitors. Over 80 meetings and negotiations on further cooperation have been held. By their results, 5 protocols on intentions have been signed and lots of new contacts with business and scientific companies of Latvia created.  It’s planned to further develop them in order to transfer into S&T production delivery to Latvian market.

Besides, within the “BelarusEXPO2010” a bi-lateral Investment Forum “Baltic Region 2010” was held. 4 sessions have been included in its program including the session 3 “Investments and Innovation Technologies” in which from the Latvian side the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Parliament have taken part, as well as Center of Technology Transfer, Riga Technical University and Patent Attorneys’ Agency “TRIAROBIT”.

In parallel, the members of Belarusian delegation visited Latvian universities, R&D and medical centers.


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