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Exhibition within the framework of the 10th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia


In the Republic of Bashkortostan in Ufa, an exhibition has opened as part of the 10th Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia, which has been held annually since 2014 with the support of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

The collective section of scientific and technical developments, organized by the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, is represented by 80 developments of Belarusian scientists from 13 organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and institutions of the Ministry of Education. The State Institution "Belarusian Institute for System Analysis and Information Support of the Scientific and Technical Sphere" is the exhibition operator.

Among the developments of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are:

advanced DNA technology that allows analyzing the genetic diversity of European bison populations and developing optimal crossbreeding schemes for bison, taking into account their pedigree (State Scientific Institution "Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus") ;

neural network software package for decision support in the diagnosis of lung diseases based on x-ray and tomographic images (LungExpert). This complex is designed to automate the processes of diagnosing lung diseases using computed tomography and X-ray images based on deep learning methods and artificial intelligence. The tasks of segmentation of the lungs, isolation of neoplasms and quantitative assessment of lesions are being solved (State Scientific Institution "Joint Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus") .

The educational institution "Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics" presents control and measuring microwave equipment and special software, as well as ultrasonic technologies and equipment.

Microwave control and measuring equipment is used for verification and calibration of measuring microwave devices, in the development and production of promising systems for high-speed data transmission, radar, navigation, communications, in which accuracy, stability and security of operation are ensured.

The line of ultrasonic devices is represented by cavitometers, generators, dispersants, vibrometers, sound-luminescent units, which are manufactured at our own production base.

Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the developments of scientists from the Belarusian State University:

fusible coatings and powders based on an alloy of tin with gold, silver, copper, nickel, bismuth (functional coatings and powders) intended for use as solders for assembling electronic products instead of lead-containing alloys. Powders can be used as pigments for paint coatings and fillers for conductive pastes and adhesives;

a series of veterinary therapeutic and prophylactic biological products of a new generation. Preparations for agricultural and domestic animals are intended for the treatment and prevention of diseases of an infectious and non-infectious nature.

The Science and Technology Park of the BNTU "Polytechnic" presents a device for emergency external fixation of the pelvic bones and long bones. This device is designed for reliable stabilization of bone fragments in fractures and nonunions. The device is effective in emergency situations for temporary stabilization in case of severe soft tissue injuries, fractures and ruptures of the pelvic ring, to reduce the consequences of injuries during transportation of the victim to the place of inpatient treatment.

Visitors to the exhibition can get acquainted with the developments of Belarusian scientists from 26 to 28 June.


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