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National Agency on Scientific and Technical Information of Vietnam and BELISA signed a memorandum of understanding

September 26, 2013

During the eighth session of the Belarus-Vietnam Joint Commission on Science and Technology Cooperation which was held on 22 September, 2013 in Minsk a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere (BelISA) and the National Agency on Scientific and Technical Information (National Centre for Scientific and Technological Information — NASATI) of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. As part of the memorandum, it is planned to focus the collaboration between the two organizations on further development of science, technology and innovation, as well as on promoting cooperation between Belarusian and Vietnamese actors including research organizations and institutions, educational institutions, research teams and individual researchers and specialists.

The action plan and follow-up steps were discussed at the meeting in BelISA on 24 September, 2013 by Mr. Dao Manh Thang, Deputy Director General, NASATI and Mr A.Dick, Deputy Director for Foreign Economic Activities, BelISA.

Source: Deputy Director for Foreign Economic Activities, BelISA.


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