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Projects with Belarusian partners in the booklet Research & Innovation in support of the European Neighborhood Policy

April 25, 2013

Research & Innovation in support of the European Neighborhood

The European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) was developed in 2004 with the objective of enhancing cooperation between the enlarged EU and neighboring countries and thus strengthens prosperity, stability and security in the region. The ENP framework now extends to 16 of EU's closest neighbors – Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine. The ENP, which is chiefly a bilateral policy between the EU and each partner country, is further enriched with regional and multilateral co-operation initiatives such as the Eastern Partnership (launched in Prague in May 2009), and the Union for the Mediterranean (the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, formerly known as the Barcelona Process, re-launched in Paris in July 2008).

The development of a Common Knowledge and Innovation Space (CKIS) linked to the EU 2020 smart growth pillar and its Innovation Agenda flagship initiative is one of the main priorities spelled out by the EU’s new Neighborhood Policy strategy of May 2011. The CKIS is meant to cover policy dialogue, national and regional capacity-building, cooperation in research and innovation, as well as increased mobility opportunities for students, researchers and academics.

The EU's Seventh Framework Programme (2007–2013) (FP7), which is the main instrument to implement the EU research and innovation policy, has already paved the way to the CKIS achievement. Through the general opening of the programme and targeted international activities, the FP7 participation of stakeholders from ENP countries has indeed been very strong.

This booklet presents a selection of FP7 projects, which, among all those involving partners from the Mediterranean Partner and the Eastern Partnership countries and from Belarus in particular, directly contribute to the achievement of the CKIS in this big region.

Source:  http://www.increast.eu


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