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Belarusian comes up with vehicle plate recognition technology

October 10, 2012

A master’s degree student of the Belarusian State Informatics and Radio Electronics University has designed a universal technology for character recognition in a digital image or a video. The inventor, Aleksei Yanochkin told a BelTA reporter about the technology.

The technology is focused on recognizing characters using parameters, which are present in any written message: the type of the font, the number of lines in the inscription, the color of the background (for instance, black letters on a white background) and the angle of rotation. Once all the parameters are acquired, the technology can easily break down an inscription into inpidual symbols.

The product designed by the young scientist can be used to recognize vehicle registration plates using video cameras. It can also be used to read business cards employing, for instance, a mobile phone camera. Similar technologies are already used abroad but they rely on patterns in vehicle registration plates. If the camera sees a vehicle registration plate of a foreign country, the number is either recognized incorrectly or is not recognized at all.

The Belarusian technology is universal and can be used to recognize any vehicle registration plate in any lighting conditions. The technology is as adapted to the real conditions as possible, remarked the scientist. The product can be used for any other tasks that require symbol recognition using a digital photo or video camera in natural conditions.

Aleksei Yanochkin is taking part in the 7th international conference Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence that is scheduled to take place in the Belarusian State Informatics and Radio Electronics University on 10-12 October. The event has gathered scientists specializing in artificial intelligence from over 15 countries. Prominent scientists from Italy and the USA will present their reports at the conference.

“The conference is of a scientific nature to a large extent but the represented works will be assimilated in the production sector, agriculture, healthcare and so on,” said Marina Lukashevich, Deputy Dean of the Computer Systems and Networks Department of the Belarusian State Informatics and Radio Electronics University.

In her words, the researches carried out by Belarusian scientists in the area of neutral networks and artificial intelligence are recognized abroad. The Belarusian scientists have advanced far in the creation of decision-making systems.

Source: BELTA


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