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Hanover International Industrial Fair "HANNOVER MESSE 2008" (21-25 April 2008, Hanover, Germany)
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May 20, 2008


This year the Hanover International Industrial Fair passed under the motto “Power Efficiency”. At the exhibition, technologies and technical decisions were presented in the field of mechanical engineering and metal working, microelectronics and nanotechnologies, chemical processes, bioengineering and other areas of modern industry. More than 5100 exhibitors from 62 countries of the world have taken part in the Fair. Japan was the partner country of Germany at the exhibition. While opening the Hanover Fair the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkell has noted necessity of realization of new economic reforms directed on improvement and development of entrepreneurship and business. The large attention in the country is given to development of alternative sectors in power, and also energy saving technologies. The constant support of R&D sphere and training young experts is an important task determined in the Plan of innovative development of German economy.

According to the Plan of national exhibitions (expositions) of the Republic of Belarus abroad for 2008 the national exposition of Belarus was organized at the Hanover International Industrial Fair. The State Committee for Science and Technologies of Belarus (SCS&T) together with Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere acted as a collective organizer of the S&T section. On the collective stand of the SCS&T with a total area of 100 sq. m over 150 exhibits from 10 organizations of the Ministry of Education and 5 organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus have been presented.

The Ministry of Education was represented by the following universities and organizations: Belarusian State University, Belarusian National Technical University, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics,  Gomel State University named after F.Skoryna, Gomel State Technical University named after P.Sukhoy, Belarusian State University of Transport (Gomel), Vitebsk State Technological University, Belarusian-Russian University (Mogilev), Polotsk State University, and also Scientific Technological Park “Metolit” of BNTU.

At the exposition of the Ministry of Education developments in the following thematic areas were presented:

  • environment and ecology;
  • electronics (microwave components and equipment, microwave technologies for agriculture);
  • protective coatings, processing of surfaces;
  • composite materials;
  • products for medical purposes;
  • heating elements and products on their basis;
  • systems of automation of the enterprises and technological processes;
  • devices and computer-guided means of measurements.

The exposition of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was represented by new developments of the Institute of Physics named after B.Stepanov, Scientific Practical Centre of the NAS on Material Sciences, Institute of Technology of Metals, Physics Technical Institute, Scientific Production Amalgamation "Tzentr". The NAS exposition included new developments in the field of thin-film solar elements, small-sized ceramic aerials for systems of satellite navigation and also technological complexes on processing aluminum wastes, manufacture liquid helium; technologies of functional coatings for medical purposes and mechanical engineering; corrosion-resistant and hardening coatings on the basis of amorphous metal alloys; fire-resistant ceramic materials for molding color metals and alloys, technology of manufacturing of the grinding tool, getting diamond-like carbon coverings, microprocessor measuring devices of temperature, blade tools, gas analyzer on the basis TEA CO2 laser, lidar complexes, prophilometer for definition of quality of a surface of conic and cylindrical products, industrial devices for laser cutting, welding and marking various materials, technologies and equipment for continuous horizontal and continuous cyclic molding by frosting.

The Hanover Industrial Fair is one of the most effective exhibitions abroad for R&D organizations of Belarus. Participation in the Fair where modern engineering and technologies from more than 60 countries were demonstrated has allowed to carry out lots of meetings and negotiations, and also adjust contacts with the representatives of companies from China, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, India, Iran, Germany, England, Italy, Israel, Finland, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Australia, Ukraine, Georgia, USA, Japan, Russia and Korea. Members of Belarusian scientific delegation have signed a number of protocols on intentions and contracts with the foreign companies. Following all the arrangements achieved the work will be continued after the end of the Fair.

During the Fair a round table on problems of the use of non-conventional energy sources was organized in the Belarusian section. Representatives of the SCS&T, National Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education and 4 German companies took part in it. Special presentations at the stands of German companies working in the field of power were organized for Belarusian delegation.

The information materials collected during the Fair have been handed to the Republican S&T library.

High level of organization of Belarusian collective section has been marked with the diplomas awarded to the Ministry of Education, S&T Park “METOLIT” of BNTU, BSU, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the other participants.

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