The Belarusian Institute Of System Analysis And Informational Support Of Scientific And Technical Sphere

Scientific and practical journal "News of science and technologies" 3(58) 2021
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State Institution "Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere" — 25 years



Digital technologies in the world economy and their implementation in the Republic of Belarus

K. Staliarova


Digital Diagram Formation with Compensation of Interfering Radiation Sources in Large-Aperture Antenna Array and Broadband Sensing

S. Kozlov, M. Loban, V. Radionovic


The Study of the Conceptual Apparatus of Socio-Economic Security and its Significance in the Modern Conditions of the Development of the Economy of the Republic

Dz. Shvaiba


Immitance Meter Requirements Synthesis for the Calculation Type Matching Devices

Dz. Kavalevich


Social Entrepreneurship Development Directions in the Republic of Belarus

D. Stankevich


System Diagnostic Technology Stimulation of Personnel Labor

S. Titkov


Green Economy Development Management Technologies

O. Volodko

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