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Republican seminar on invention, innovation and engineering creativity (December 5, 2023, Minsk)
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On December 5, the final Republican seminar on issues of invention, innovation and engineering creativity will take place this year, which is a continuation of the series of events on this topic, organized by the State Committee on Science and Technology and the State Institution “BelISA” on May 24 in Grodno and on August 29 in Brest with the goal of increasing the inventive level and innovative activity of developers of scientific and technical products by teaching modern methods for solving inventive and rationalization problems at various levels.

The seminar format is hybrid (offline and online).

Venue: Minsk, Pobediteley Ave., 9, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minsk, 7th floor, Ballroom (entrance to the hotel from Dimitrova Street).

Participation in the seminar is free.

Specialists from design and technological, production and technical, patent and licensing departments of industrial enterprises, research and design organizations are invited to participate; students of higher and secondary educational institutions in the field of economic, scientific, technical, technological and engineering education, and others interested.

In order to form an agenda and increase the effectiveness of the event, we ask you to send your questions by email to by November 13, 2023 .

Online registration for the event: , where you can also indicate your question.


Seminar participants are invited to complete the Extraction Task , one of the key techniques for developing creative skills in TRIZ, by November 23 . Detailed descriptions, instructions and templates for completing the task are in the attached files. Please send your solutions to the email address


The final (third) Republican seminar this year on invention, innovation and engineering creativity was held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minsk (the first seminar was held in Grodno , the second in Brest ).

Seminars on this topic are conducted by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the State Institution “BelISA” in order to increase the inventive level and innovative activity of developers of scientific and technical products by teaching modern methods for solving inventive and rationalization problems at various levels.

On December 5, more than 200 listeners from more than 100 institutions, organizations, enterprises of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, ministries of education, industry, architecture and construction, defense, communications and information, energy, healthcare, internal affairs took part in the event in person and connected online to the live broadcast affairs, agriculture and food, transport and communications, sports and tourism, defense, emergency situations, natural resources and environmental protection, Belnefnekhim, Bellegprom, Bellesbumprom concerns, State Military-Industrial Committee, Academy of Management at President, National Center for Intellectual Property, Belarusian Society of Inventors and Innovators, individual entrepreneurs.

The seminar was opened by the Deputy Director for International Scientific and Innovation Work of the State Institution “BelISA”, Candidate of Biological Sciences Olga Valerievna Khvostova.

The seminar was led by Anna Alekseevna Zakharyeva, leading specialist of the engineering center department of the State Institution “BelISA”.

Features of the application of the theory of solving inventive problems for startups were highlighted by the manager of educational MTRIZ programs Gennady Anatolyevich Kozlov and Mikhail Aleksandrovich Orlov, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, author of the MTRIZ methodology, founder and head of the Academy of Instrumental Modern-TRIZ.

Sergey Sergeevich Losev, leading researcher at the Department of Research in the Field of Civil, Environmental and Social Law of the Institute of Legal Research, National Center for Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor, spoke about the legal aspects of the use of rationalization proposals.

A report on the topic “The procedure for patenting inventions in the Republic of Belarus” was made by Alexander Mazanik, head of the patent documentation and editing department of the National Center for Intellectual Property.

Lecturer-consultant of the public association “Belarusian Society of Inventors and Innovators”, patent specialist Ladik Larisa Pavlovna answered the questions received from students at the seminar on organizational, normative and methodological support for rationalization activities.

Students who were active and completed the Extraction Task for the seminar were awarded certificates and memorable prizes.


More detailed information about the seminar can be obtained by phone: +375(17) 203 13 19, +375(17) 353 72 92, +375(17) 353 74 08 and emai:

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