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Depositing of scientific works

Depositing of Scientific Works in the Republic of Belarus

The order of hand-written scientific works is approved by the Order of the State Committee for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus of November 4, 1997, N 97 and is registered in the National Register of the Legal Acts of October 11, 1999, N 8/1112.

  • Depositing (transfer and storage) of hand-written works on natural, technical, medical, humanitarian and other sciences is carried out with the purposes of informing scientific, research and design organizations, high and secondary professional  educational institutions and enterprises, scientists and experts about the manuscripts of the monographies, reviews, articles, collections of the proceedings, materials of conferences and  works of specialized character, for which publishing by a usual way is inexpedient or non-profitable.
    Depositing of scientific works is one of ways of realization of researchers’ rights to inform society about results of their scientific activities according to Article 17 o the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Scientific Activities”.
    Besides the works of specialized character editorial boards of the magazines in case of necessity have the right at the consent of the author (authors) to direct for depositing the manuscripts of works of a wider character, if the urgent information on their results  is necessary for the statement of the Belarusian science  priorities.
    The author reserves the right to publish materials of the specified works in the scientific and technical editions, but in this case he is obliged to notify issuing organization (publishing house, edition of a magazine, etc) that the manuscript has been deposited or to mention this fact in the work offered to edition.  
  • Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere takes for depositing manuscripts permitted for the open publication (duplication), written in one of the state languages of the Republic of Belarus and made out according to the requirements established by the given document. BelISA has got the right to refuse to deposite the manuscript if its form doesn’t meet to the requirements of the present Order.
    Deposited hand-written scientific works are included in the Fund of deposited scientific works which is conducted by BelISA. The Fund is used for informing the managing bodies on results of S&T activities, propagation of Belarusian S&T achievements and interstate exchange of S&T information with other countries.
    The reports on R&D projects and explanatory notes to R&D projects registered in the State register of R&D projects in accordance with the Rule approved by Regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of May 13, 1997 N 472 also can be deposited in BelISA.
  • The informing of organizations, enterprises, scientists and experts about manuscripts deposited is carried out by publication of the abstracts (or bibliographic descriptions) of these manuscripts in the appropriate abstract magazines, collections, special bulletins of BelISA, bibliographic indexes of the Republican S&T Library and other republican scientific editions.
    After publication of the abstracts (bibliographic descriptions) the authors of the manuscripts accepted for depositing receive information about depositing indicating the name of the author, the name of the manuscript, the name and number of the abstract edition (bibliographic index) in which the abstract or bibliographic description is published (see the form of the information at appendix 1 in Russian ).
  • Depositing of the manuscript is equated to the published printed editions. The authors of the manuscripts deposited keep the rights following from the legislation on the copyright, but can not apply for payment of the fee. The right of making copies from the manuscripts is transferred to BelISA.
  • The preparation of the manuscript for depositing in accordance to the requirements of the present Order is carried out by the authors or organization which has presented the manuscript to BelISA.
  • The decision on the manuscripts’ transfer to depositing is taken out by scientists, S&T councils, publishing councils of R&D organizations, institutions of higher education, editorial boards of S&T magazines on the basis of the author’s application.
    The decision of the scientist, S&T councils, publishing councils is valid after the approval by the chief of organization. The organization directing the manuscript for depositing bears responsibility for its contents.
  • The manuscripts are represented for depositing in the one (first) copy. Together with the manuscript the following documents should be submitted:

    • Depositing Card (see the form at appendix 2 in Russian );
    • Three copies of the abstract containing the bibliographic description and the text of the abstract (see an example at appendix 3): two copies written in one of the state languages of the Republic of Belarus, one — in English.

    The manuscripts, title page and depositing card should be made out according to the requirements of the present Order (appendix 4 , appendix 5 , and appendix 6 in Russian).
    The manuscripts and bibliographic descriptions contained in the card and abstracts should be carefully edited, read and completely ready for publication.
    The manuscript can be submitted as the machine-readable document on the machine carrier (diskette). Thus it should in addition be accompanied by a registration card of the machine-readable document which has been made out according to “Provisional instruction on work with the machine-readable documents in organizations, enterprises and departmental archives of the Republic of Belarus”.  

It is possible to receive information on subscription to the abstract collection of non-published works and the magazine «News of a Science and Technologies », and also order the copies of deposited scientific manuscripts by telephone: (017) 226-82-92, 203-34-87 or in writing.

The subscription to the collection and magazine is made out in BelISA at: Pobediteley prospect, 7, 220004, Minsk, off. 909, 906.

Updated  10.07.2013


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