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Magazine News of science and technologies

Scientific and practical journal "News of science and technologies" 1(56) 2021





Efficiency of State Scientific and Technical Programs of 20162020 and Formation of New Programs for 20212025

A. Shumilin, S. Sherbakov

Formation of Indirect Incentive Mechanisms Within the Framework of the State Program for Innovative Development

A. Kosovskiy, S. Sobolevskiy, A. Belov

Methodological Approaches to Assessment of Business Reputation and Goodwill in Organizations of the Republic of Belarus

N. Mennanova

Justification of Parameters and Development of a Valve-Less Valve-Free Pneumatic Impact Mechanism of the Hammer

D. Abramenkov, A. Gruzin, V. Gruzin

Calculation of the Cost of Elements of Dismantled Building Structures for the Purposes of Cost Estimation, Merchandising Expertise and Insurance

P. Anufryieu, U. Makhitka

Application of Hypersonic Metallization Technology for Vehicle Parts Recovery

A. Chekulayeu, A. Sosnovsky, M. Belotserkovsky

Methodological Approach to Predicting the Level of Technical Perfection of Various Types of Technology Based on a Multiple Correlation Model

S. Savenko, U. Palchyk, A. Hrynkevich


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